Holidays in paradise

Holidays in paradise

Some Different Types Of Australian Visas

by Eliza Hughes

While there may be an almost confusing amount of different visas allowing a person to enter and stay in Australia, the visa system is geared towards the good of the country. Compare this with, for example, the United Kingdom, which, as part of the European Union, is obliged to let people from another E.U. member state into its country; this is regardless of skill level and benefit the country gains from having them. This article looks at some of the visas available to people who wish to enter and stay in Australia.

Distinguished Talent Visa

Although this is a small category of visas, many people do use it to enter and stay in Australia. People who have an established reputation for talent, particularly in sports or the arts, can apply for this type of visa.

Employer Nominated Visa

If no one locally has the skills for an available job, an employer can sponsor an individual from another country to come in and fill the vacancy. The person coming in will be subjected to tests, such as level of English speaking ability, professional qualifications and age.

Family Migrants

In order to join a family member living in Australia, the family member already residing in the country must be a responsible citizen (no convictions, for example) and they must also sponsor their incoming family member, or members. The incoming family members are not tested on their level of English, but will be assessed by the health and character criteria set out by the Australian government. This category is for incoming family members who may not be able to support themselves while staying in the country, for example, dependent children or elderly parents. Able-bodied incoming family members should apply for a different visa – the skilled migrant class of visa.

Business Visa

This category is for people who are business owners – either fully owning or owning part of a business, investors who are willing to make business investments in Australia for the good of the country, or executives, usually senior executives of a major or large, established business. The last category of visa available in this section is permitted for highly talented or successful business people, and they are required to be sponsored by their own state or territory to reflect this level of skill.

In a great number of cases, a person will attempt to gain a visa into Australia, and although initially rejected, will be informed that they may apply for a different kind of visa, meaning that they have applied for the wrong type in the first instance. Always do enough research to ensure that all of the information is understood before applying. For more information, contact a company like CLS Capital Link Services.


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