Holidays in paradise

Holidays in paradise

4 Tips to Help You Have the Most Fun on Your Clubbing Holiday

by Eliza Hughes

Going on a summer clubbing holiday with friends or family can be an exhilarating experience. Taking a week or two off to party like there's no tomorrow can drain you of both energy and resources, however, especially if you don't plan your trip carefully. The following are four tips to help you plan the perfect clubbing holiday, with the right mix of fun, safety and thriftiness.

1. Plan your wardrobe

You'll have long nights, since all-night parties are the highlight of a clubbing holiday. Men would do fine with casual shirts or t-shirts and shorts, while women should pack some denim shorts and vests, or light and comfortable dresses. Swimwear is also required for pool parties or day-beach parties. Carry a kaftan, sunhat and sunscreen to protect you from sunburns during the latter. Ladies should carry comfortable footwear – you can bring out your favourite heels for the highlight party, but you wouldn't want to ruin your groove on the second night out because of sore feet!

2. Be thrifty

Costs can add up really fast on clubbing holidays, so it's important to plan to spend less where you can. If you're going to an expensive resort, buy your liquor at the store and have some drinks at the hotel-room before heading out dancing – this will also save you the time you'd have spent queueing at the bar and waiting for a drink. Watch out for any happy-hour discounts and bar reps, who offer discounts and free shots to get you into their establishment. You don't need to go to a big expensive club each night; plan with your crew so that you can have a few fun nights in less expensive places with no entrance fee and cheaper drinks.

3. Be safe

Have a crisis plan, because some parties can get chaotic so you may need to leave on short notice. If you go separate ways from your friends, set a timeline to meet back up at a specific point. Have your cell phones on and write down where you're staying in case you forget after having a few drinks. Leave the key back at the hotel so you don't lose/misplace it and have to pay a fee. If someone offers to buy you a drink, go with them to the bartender to ensure it isn't adulterated. Do not leave your drinks unattended or wander off with strangers; party resorts may be safe, but that doesn't mean everyone has good intentions. An idea may be to designate one of you to stay sober and keep an eye on things while the rest of you party. The next night, somebody else can take the job.

4. Go slow

Don't overdo your nights out, so that you're too tired to go out the rest of the time. Remember that party resorts are open throughout the night, so don't be worn out and inebriated by 11 pm, when all the fun begins. Start slow and take care of yourself; you can take lots water in between drinks and throughout the day to keep hydrated which is very important. Catch up on your sleep during the day, or forego a crazy night if you have a big day event planned. Refuel by eating wholesome meals, especially breakfast after partying all night. Also, don't drink on an empty stomach – stock up before going out at night.


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